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Around the World in 18 Days: Hong Kong

What a wonderful way to travel around the world, all within the comfort of the home. Who doesn’t love a good travel story and it is delightful to feast eyes on breathtaking scenarios of exotic places, some of which I have never heard before, like the Amalfi Coast (I need to search for its location on Google now).

Though I could have shared about my travels to Korea and Ho Chi Minh City while the hubs and I were dating, or even Xian where we went for our honeymoon. I can just hear gasps – why oh why did we go to China (a place known for a tyrant king’s mausoleum and clay warriors) instead of more romantic places like Japan? This warrants another post. So till then, I will be sharing about a neighbouring city that is just three and a half hours flight away. A bustling city that many would have visited before – Hong Kong.

Hong Kong takes a soft spot in my heart. It is my second home. Since as long as I can remember, I have visited almost every year, except when I was pregnant. My grandmummy, uncles, aunties and cousins live there. And though I can’t say I know Hong Kong inside out, like a true-blue resident, I know enough to get me around. 

Life is extremely fast paced in Hong Kong, and it is alive twenty four hours of the day. Even my grandmummy, being the tiny old woman she is, walks extremely fast, faster than a younger person. Anyone from Singapore who has met her are impressed with how nimble she is, as she swerves in between the crowd. So when in Hong Kong, I get into what I call my ‘Hong Kong’ mode - one where I adapt myself to the fast living pace. However, this mode does not get in the way of my holiday mood, as you can see.

The last time that I was in Hong Kong was in 2010, when Becky was about nine months old. It was the first time she met her great grandmummy, and our first trip together as a family, so it was extra meaningful for us. 

The highlights of the trip were the visit to Peak and the big Buddha on Lantau Island. We took the tram from Central to the Peak, and throughout the ride, little Becky was comfortably sleeping. The Peak has changed a lot since the days when my grandparents took us there for afternoon walks and tea. The only landmark was the Peak Lookout restaurant, which was famous for its Baked Alaska, the playground and the car park. Now, there is a shopping mall, as well as the hour-glass shaped station building. 

I was happy to see the Peak Lookout restaurant again, and we had lunch there, after taking a short walk on the Central jogging trail, which leads to Aberdeen. We sat out in the al fresco area, enjoying the cool breeze and scenery. 

It was a cosy lunch of seafood bisque, pear salad, burger and escargots that all three of us enjoyed immensely.

The other highlight was the visit to the big Buddha on Lantau island. We took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride from the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal. We took the MTR train to Tung Chung station from Hong Kong City. You can find out about other transport options here. Though we were arrived relatively early, there was already a long queue. So we decided to take a mini tour package which included a ride on the see-through 'crystal' cable car, entry to see the Buddha, visit to a fishing village Tai O, as well as entry to view the Qing Ming Shang He Tu, an animation based on the epic Song Dynasty painting by Chinese imperial court artist Zhang Ze Duan. Originally painted on a 5.28 metro long scroll, this painting gives an in depth view of the lifestyle and society in the capital of Banjing (now known as Kaifeng) during the 12th century. It was also a hit in the China Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and was on display in Singapore early this year.

It was a good choice. We had priority entry for the ride, and breezed through without any stress of having to line up. Here's little Becky enjoying the clear view of the cable car's bottom.

And here is the hubs with Becky at the village street just beside the Buddha, as we were waiting for the bus to bring us on the village tour.

It was Becky's first visit to a fishing village. Tai O is known for their dried seafood, and Becky didn't quite like the smell of it.

This is absolutely one of my favourite shots from the trip - Becky in front of the Buddha.

Another must-go location whenever I return is Mun Kee, a dessert shop. They have a few branches, but I particularly like the one at Western Market (nearest MTR is Sheung Wan). My favourite dessert? Mango Pomelo. We now have Mun Kee in Singapore, but to me, the ones in that branch in Hong Kong is still the best.

Here we are with my grandmummy. We are planning a visit again end this year, so Ron Ron can meet her for the first time. I'm really looking forward to that.

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Tomorrow, Geraldine from Little Chuck's Story will bring you Amsterdam as she shares memories of tulips, tilted buildings and a town of windmills from her honeymoon!

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  1. I love Hong Kong! We go there every year too, even when I was pregnant! Haha.

  2. It's been ages since I last visited Hong Kong and it will always be special to me as hubby popped the question when we were at the Peak. Hoping to go there soon and of course bring Sophie to Disneyland :)


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