Thursday, December 22, 2011

EV is learning incredibly fast

The brain of a toddler is like a sponge, with the ability to absorb and learn at an incredible speed. This is not just hearsay, based on educators’ research or teaching methods like Shichida. This I have witnessed myself and am truly amazed.

For the last one month, EV has been learning incredibly fast. Previously, she kept saying the same words like ‘moon’, ‘star’, ‘ball’ and ‘balloon’. I was wondering if she was absorbing what we were teaching her. Shame on mummy to doubt her abilities. EV was absorbing everything, but she was just keeping it all and binding her time in expressing it.

Until she learnt the word ‘no’, that is. After that, there seems like there’s no stopping her. She learnt her alphabets, numbers and words so extremely fast. She also started to string words together to express herself, eg ‘key’ and ‘bag’, to tell us to take the key, bag and go out. Here are some of her achievements:

a. Saying A to Z and calling out the next letter after us in sequence (eg, we say A, she say B)

b. Saying 1 to 12 and saying the next number in sequence after us (eg, we say 2 and she says 3)

c. Increased vocabulary, eg book, bread, write, fish, dog, open, fly, raisin, aeroplane

d. String words together, eg ‘book to read’, ‘aeroplane fly’, ‘key open’, ‘eat bread’, ‘drink milk’

e. Ability to say simple Chinese words eg , , 三, , 爸爸, 小, 狗, 猪, , 鸡, 牛

f. Recognising written English words and Chinese characters, eg apple, ball, book, moon, star, , , 三, , 狗, 人, 大, 天

g. Able to sing ‘do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do’

h. able to understand what adults say and respond by nodding or shaking the head, sometimes even responding with her own babbles as though she is sharing with us her views

Clearly, EV is learning at an amazing speed. She has absorbed whatever we taught her previously, even things we say day to day and is now exhibiting them, and absorbing even more. I knew it was time to do more home learning. More on that in another post.

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