Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Books: Daddy Kiss

By Margaret Allum & Jonathan Bentley

The moment I found this book at the library, I knew I had to get it. It is currently EV's favourite book, and tells a charming tale of a girl giving kisses to everything and everyone, like a big kiss to a lion, or a fluttery kiss to butterflies, or a frosty kiss on a cold wintry day, or a sad kiss when saying goodbye, or a yucky kiss to a baby brother. The tale then leads to warm, snuggly kisses by grandmothers and mummies, and ends with a great big daddy kiss, which she loves best of all. When I read this book, I follow the words and do the actions, and hubby and I give her kisses when it describes a mummy or daddy kiss. Soon, EV could recognise which kiss comes next, and eagerly waits to give hubby a great big daddy kiss. Sometimes, she even goes to daddy even before I start reading the page. A really endearing tale that daddy, mummy and baby will love.

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