Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Swissotel Stamford staycation

Last weekend, we took a one-day family staycation at Swissotel Stamford. As usual, my little beauty princess put on her charming smile and charmed everyone from the receptionist to the restaurant waitress. She even helped herself to a Korean tourist’s toy while we were waiting for our turn to check in.

The weather was fantastic and we brought EV swimming. She was elated at seeing so many kids at the pool. We didn’t bring any floats but as I was just right beside her, it was OK. She tripped on the stairs twice and got her head underwater. Being close by, I quickly held and hugged her. So she was fine in seconds.

EV managed to borrow a pail, a plastic watering can and a float from another girl of similar age. It was interesting to see how both girls wanted to lay claim to the toys and float and both parents asking them to share. No screaming fights ensued, and both girls managed to have their turn at the toys and floats, under careful and watchful ‘management’ by both parents.

Dinner consisted of noodles, carrot cake and ha kau (the Szechuan Kitchen restaurant at the hotel was still serving it). After which we took a walk around the mall and showed her Christmas trees, which she was able to appreciate more compared to last year. Every time she saw a Christmas tree, she would say ‘ball ball!’, and pointed to the decorations. In the mall, we met an Indonesian couple with two boys. When the father opened his pack of Yakult drinks, our EV caught sight of it, stood in front of him and looked up with a cute ‘can I have some’ expression. The father gave a bottle to her, and she responded with a brilliant grin. My cheeky little girl!

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