Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teaching EV Chinese

Look around, and everyone's talking about putting the young ones into a Chinese-integrated preschool or sign up for enrichment classes. It's hard not to be stressed, especially when hubby and I converse mostly in English.

So from very early on, I decided that EV must be exposed to the Chinese language from an early age. From when she was still a baby, I made it a point to speak to her in Mandarin, sometimes even Cantonese. I have also been reading Chinese books to her, and showed her Chinese flashcards, so that she is exposed to the written language at a young age. Here are some books that I've been reading to her, and which EV enjoys very much.

As for the simple Chinese characters, I recently began with those that have simple strokes, and by adding another stroke, becomes another character, such as , , 三, , 大, 天. So far, she's been responding well. My Chinese-educated father-in-law also shows her various Chinese characters and strokes, from a wall chart. My mom read Chinese poems to her. So hopefully, we are starting on the right track in Chinese. 


  1. Hi

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  2. hi hi.. sorry for the late reply.
    you can try this wholesale distributor 'September 21' (
    they also sell lots of great english story books.
    hope this helps!


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