Tuesday, May 03, 2016

How I Met Your Father

A poem to my two precious about how I met their father:

My little darlings
How did I meet your daddy
This is our story

Twenty-five years back
At a campfire we met
In the mid of June

With floppy long hair
A loud booming voice, he wrote
I love all of you

Teenagers we were
His friend caught my eye, not he
T’was young puppy love

So daring me called
We met at old library
Lunch at Burger King

Your daddy and I
Hit it off extremely well
Fast pals we became

Midnight calls till 3
Nothing we could not confide
He was my soul mate

Younger days

Then I went away
To study far down under
We drifted apart

We led our own lives
Apart, not knowing, two souls
Waiting to find each other

Lost and bruised, weary
Life likes to throw a curveball
We met, nothing changed

Still best friends, soul mates
Yet we know it's not the same
We’ll be more than that

Korea trip

Look left, look right, straight
Years searching for just the One
He's just beside me

And so together
We start a life adventure
From friends to couple


My little darlings
That's how I met your daddy
My soul mate for life


Hua Shan

To my husband, soul mate and best friend of over twenty-five years, nothing is the same without you. Thanks for being my pillar of support back then, now and for many years to come.


This post is part of the "How I Met Your Father" blog train hosted by Michelle of The Chill Mom, where fellow mum bloggers reminisce our love stories and share how we met the daddy of our kids.

The Chill Mom

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  1. I love how you wrote your story in simple haikus. Short and sweet. Your "look left, look right, and straight" reminds me of that Stephanie Sun's song :)

  2. I really like your poem, so creative :))


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