Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Letter to My Kids: My Proposal Story

To my two darlings,

The other day, you read about how I met your father. Today, read all about how I proposed to your father.

Yup, I proposed to your dad. It’s a bit different from the usual conventions.. You may not know now, but soon you’ll know there are certain social expectations of males and females.

Nah, your mummy here isn’t the ‘gender equality’ kind of woman. In fact, I think that there’s no such thing as gender equality. I mean, if there is, then really, females have the equal ability to propose to males too right?

Really, me proposing to your dad isn’t about gender equality. It is because of our situation.

Nope, I didn’t get on my knee or give 999 stalks of roses. I can be romantic, but not that romantic. And I’m not going to waste money on flowers that will die.

As you can see, your mummy isn’t a ‘flower’ kind of person. That’s why your dad has never given me any, except on our wedding day. (Though secretly, I do hope that someday he gives me a bouquet just once. Ok, that’s contrary to what I said before, but then, women can be such confusing people sometimes, you’ll understand one day).

You know from the little poem how your daddy and I were good friends for a very long time, and after some time of having our own relationships, we somehow found each other.

I guess when we did, we kind of knew we were stuck with each other for life. Not many words were exchanged, but we knew we had found our other half.

Still, confirmation was needed. I mean, I wasn’t getting any younger at that time.

And I told him so. Yup, I was pretty direct, and I said something along the lines of, do you want to marry me and if so, please give me a sign so I don’t have to wait aimlessly.

He did; he spoke to his mother, your grandmother, of my existence, and a while later, we had moved on to the ‘meet the parents’ stage.

That was pretty nerve wrecking (you’ll understand why in future; I promise, I won’t torment your boyfriend, as long as he treats you proper). We survived that together, as your daddy and I were committed. 

We were determined to marry each other, and so, with our parents'  blessings, and their agreement to not hold an extremely expensive wedding banquet, the preparation process for an adventure of a lifetime began.

We started off the journey as friends, soulmates, and we’ve continued it with yet another more exciting life adventure. A life adventure that includes our most precious: you, my darlings.

We may have our squabbles, as any married couples do.  Know that your mummy and daddy love each other deeply. Always.

Life Adventure

Your mummy


This is part of a 'Proposal Stories' blog train hosted by Michelle of The Chill Mom where fellow mum bloggers reminisce our proposal stories. 

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the blog train, Winnie. I'm not a flower person either and I agree with the practicality of confirming the status of a relationship, before dragging it on for far too long. Btw, lovely wedding photo. You look great in a 'kua'.

    1. Thanks for reading Michelle! This was such a great blog train to be part of, so was the earlier blog train. Made me reminisce about the more 'romantic' times without the kids... Hahaha...


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