Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why a Treehouse?

Why a treehouse
I have received several positive comments on the new look. Thank you very much for your kind words. Many ask: why a treehouse?

In my memories of kindergarten, I remember a treehouse. It's a place where the kids loved to go and indulge in moments of imaginative play. The treehouse was situated on a slight hill, with a sandpit and swings that used gyres for seats. There was even a see-saw. 

Next to this outdoor playground was the building where the lessons were held. Honestly speaking, I don't remember exactly what I learnt, but I definitely have learnt something. Otherwise, I wouldn't know my ABCs or 123s to be able to write this post.

I do remember this plump, round and jolly teacher I had in nursery, the caring and friendly principal, painting, performing with some bamboo instrument. 

The playground is one of the few memories I have of kindergarten, and why? For a simple reason - fun. It's the same for the other memories. I remember them because of an emotional attachment.

I also love this book series by Enid Blyton about an enchanted forest, where an enormous magical tree grows. Its top branches reach into the clouds and lead to many different magical lands. 

It is for these reasons that I used the treehouse in the new design, which is so wonderfully created by Fancy Girl Designs. It is a symbol of fun, a symbol of play, a symbol of discovery. As a parent, I need to show the world to EV and AA, guide them to be good individuals and enable them to learn in fun ways, or ways that elicit emotions in them. I hope that by doing this, they can remember what they learn for life. Then I have done my duty as a parent.

The treehouse is a symbol of my parenting values.

What is your parenting symbol?

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