Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Review: 3M Polarizing Light LED6000

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Remember a previous interview conducted with Dr Lee Sao Bing during which he shared eye care tips? One of his tips was to read under good light to avoid straining our eyes due to light flicker and glare. Recently, I made a discovery that meets this.

I'm talking about the 3M Polarizing Light LED6000. Yes, I admit. I've been hoarding this new device myself and not sharing with the kids. Hey, there are mum's stuff and there are kids' stuff and for the moment, this light is mine, mine, all mine!!!!

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Ok, so back to the task at hand. The LED6000. Why does it produce good light? How does it reduce light flicker and glare? Firstly, LED light does not flash or flicker, and does not emit any ultraviolet rays. There's also this feature called Air Guiding Technology.

No, it is not really guiding air. Rather is is a light engine that works with built-in reflector and brightness enhancement films to create an internal light recycling system. What the LED6000 is able to do is to make sure that all light rays, including LED light from the device itself and all other light rays from the surrounding environment, is used optimally. The light rays are reflected hundreds and thousands of times, bad light is reflected away, and what you get is light that has less glare, flicker and is gentle on the eyes. 

The position of the LED lights in the device also play a part. They are at the edges, meaning that when light is thrown on a source, shadows are minimized and the lighted area is as large as possible. 

Here, you can see just how even lighted the reading area is, with no shadows. The text is bright, clear and easy to read. Easy on the eyes too if one is to read for hours.

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And hours is how long this light can go, almost like it is running a 8-hour marathon. Which is often the case when I have to catch up on readings or finish my assignments and work late into the night when the kids are in la-la-land. The LED6000 has a unique ventilation design that dissipates heat. Ventilation holes lets heat and cool air flow in and out of the light housing. I don't have to worry about it over heating. I would not dare play Survivor with the LED6000; at 50,000 hours of usage, it can last almost 2083 days, or 6 years! Yes, that's impressive!

What I''m really impressed with is just how flexible the LED6000 is. Left, right, up, down. You have to see it to believe it.

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See? Just awesome. So though I'm usually the one using this light, it is so mobile that I can move it anytime for the kids or hubby to use. But then they may just end up playing with the touch dimmer with five brightness levels, or move the light left, right, up, down… No, I think the light is safer in my hands. For now.

3M Polarizing Light LED6000
Produces light with no flicker or glare.
Highly flexible body.

Illuminated touch dimmer is hard to see once the light is on.
Lack of clip-on option, for small spaces.

My verdict
Design *****
Ease of use ****
Performance ****


Disclaimer: The 3M Polarizing Light LED6000 was sponsored by 3M. No monetary compensation was received for this review, and all opinions and images are my own.


  1. Hi. can you advise if the warm light for 6000 series is dim for studying? I am used to white light. I bought 1100 series 2 years' back. Now there is a promotion for 6000 series, so considering of getting one for my kid. But i feel the warm light is dim, compared to white light.

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting and reading. I do personally use the 6000 for my work assignments. I feel that it is bright enough, and I like that I can alter the brightness based on my personal preferences. Perhaps you might like to try it at the shops to see whether you like the brightness of the light?


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