Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Painting with spices

What do you get when you bring together spice, water and a paint brush? Spice painting!! It's simple and fun, and EV got the opportunity to smell and experience the different spices.

Here's what you need:
- Spices, any type that you can find, in a bottle or otherwise
- water
- egg carton, to be used as a palette for the spice and water
- paint brush
- cardboard

As I poured each of the spices into the egg carton, I described it, the smell and the appearance, and let EV feel the spices in its original state. She had fun helping me with the pouring. Then I added a little bit of water to each of the spices, and away EV went with her spicy creation.

See her intent look of concentration? She also indulged in her own messy play and did finger painting. And when the spice paints ran out, she helped herself by pouring more.

It's a good activity to keep the young one occupied. Some of the spices may drop on the floor, but it is not something that some newspaper cannot solve.

So, go pick up some spices and do some spice painting.


  1. interesting idea! the child can express her creativity & learn the smells of the various spices all at once. that is what i call killing two birds in a stone. (:

    1. Yups.. totally agree! Thanks for dropping by! :)


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