Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tulip manic @ Tulipmania

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in Tulipmania and wondering whether it is worth going.

Tulip Manic  Tulipmania
We just went yesterday, and my opinion? Yes it is!

We had planned to go last Friday, but changed plans as friends who went said that the tulips had just been replanted and were still in their buds. Going yesterday was a good decision, as almost all the tulips were in bloom, except for a select few.

Tulips  windmill
We felt like we were in flower land. It's really awesome to be in a single space with more than 20,000 tulips and other flowers. Flowers here, flowers there, flowers everywhere. Flowers of so many colours, shapes and sizes. There is also the unmistakable scent of the flowers, so fragrant and aromatic. Absolutely refreshing!

EV  me

Tulips in pots

Yellow flower  tree
We even spotted an orange tree!

Orange tree
EV had a tremendous time feasting her eyes on the kaleidoscope of colours - red, pink, yellow, purple and white.

EV as windmill
She had an even better time taking photos of mummy and grandmummy. Her camera skills aren't too bad either, taking her time to make sure that the camera is in the right position before pressing the shutter. Often though, her subjects aka mummy and grandmummy would end up feeling tired because of frozen smiles.

Are you done yet dear

Giant shoes are my style
Our adventure in the land of tulips ended with a nice evening stroll around the outdoor gardens, on the way to Bayfront MRT station. We only visited the Flower Dome, where the tulips are, but we are already planning to return soon and visit the other dome, Cloud Forest.

Want to bask in the land of flowers? There's still time. Tulipmania ends next Monday, but we reckon you should go these few days, while the tulips are still in their blooming glory.

Tulipmania @ Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome
29 April - 20 May 2013
9am - 9pm

Special ticket prices for local residents (available only at on-site ticketing counters)
Adults: $10 per ticket (Usual price $12)
Senior Citizens & Children: $7 per ticket (Usual price $8)


  1. Ah the flowers are in bloom, can't wait to go by one of these days, hopefully it won't be as crowded on a weekday?

    1. The crowds on weekdays are ok. When we went on a Monday, we could walk around comfortably. Though at popular photo spots where the tulips are, there was a small crowd, but we waited for about 2-3 people before taking our own photos. So quite alright.

      I suggest that you go within these few days. As the show is ending next Monday, I think there will be more crowd. Also, the tulips will be reaching the end of their life span, so they may not be as beautiful.

      Thanks for visiting! :)


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