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15 in 2015: What I'm going to do differently

Everyone talks about making resolutions at the start of each new year. To be honest, I've never been one to make resolutions, because I know I will have difficulty keeping to them. When Rachel of catchfortywinks initiated this 15 in 2015 blog train, I decided to take up the challenge. Rather than just resolutions, unrealistic goals that I know I most likely will not keep, this blog train challenges me to think about the ‘how’. What practical, positive changes can I make to my and my family’s lives? How will I do things differently?

The one hope that I have is for me and my family to be happy and healthy. These two words are the inspiration for the 15 things I want to do differently this year.

A happy & healthy me
Look after myself more
Eat more healthily - even more greens and fruits and less carbohydrates. Do more facial masks... when the kids are asleep. Do not forget to put sun block before going out. A mum of two doesn't have to look frumpy.

More yoga and swimming
Since the birth of AA, my exercise routine has been quite dreadful. Last year, I started a daily routine of yoga at home, plus a weekly visit to a yoga studio or a run. But my accident changed all that. I've not been moving, except for the physiotherapy exercises and I am feeling sluggish. I have to get moving, and I'm glad to say that the doctor just gave me the go ahead to do some light yoga and swimming. Yey!! Water here I come!

Less bubble tea
Ah... This is my one major weakness. I like to indulge in bubble tea. Sure, I may order the less sweet Honey Green Tea, opting for other toppings like jelly instead of pearl. However, it's still loads of calories, and it's impeccable that I cut down, if I want to be more healthy. Pronto!

Read more
Most of my time has been devoted to EV and AA, and most of the reading I do is to the both of them. Indulging in my own reading has been quite rare. I need to change that and try to read at least one novel a month. Move aside picture books!

Read more

Write more
I don't just mean blogging. I also mean writing creatively for myself, like poetry, which I used to write quite a bit.

Blog more from the heart
I noticed recently that I've been blogging more from the heart, sharing more of my life as a woman and a parent. I intend to continue this. This also means that I'll be more selective of the reviews I do, which is fine by me, for that's what my blog is about, me and my parenting journey. 

Be more on task 
Sometimes, I suffer from writer’s block (alternative interpretation: procrastinate). Well.. More than sometimes. I need to change that. Like for the past week, I did have a few blog posts to do, such as this 15 in 2015 post, but I've been sitting on my laurels and not doing them till I absolutely have to. I guess I haven't had the inspiration to write, as I was depressed by my grandmummy's stroke and also news of a friend's sudden passing. The realization that life is so fragile and unpredictable hit me, and I was too emotionally drained to even start writing. I still am, because grandmummy remains in a coma. I kept putting it off. Still, giving myself a kick in the back and writing this very post that I’ve committed to is helping me bring my brain juice back. I just need to be a bit more inspired and determined to be on task.

Have more me time with friends
I need to catch up with friends more, to join them for a drink or two in the evenings, or brunch on the weekends. Once in one or to months would be just right for me.

A happy & healthy hubby + me
Go for more dinner dates
Having two kids has zapped our energy. Usually, our dates involve a late night movie with hot dogs and drinks, when the kids are asleep. We need to have more dinner dates, have more romance, to chat and hold hands and look into each other's eyes. Even if it's just fast food. So it's a date dear?

Update our three-year family budget more regularly
We have a budget file that allows us to look ahead at our expected financial commitments for the current year and the next two years. Previously, I would update only at the beginning or end of the year. This year, I need to update it more regularly, so that we have a better financial picture, and will be able to plan better, and hopefully save more efficiently.

Try more yummy dishes
Hubby loves to eat, especially new and unique dishes. I intend to experiment more and try more new healthy dishes so that he gets to enjoy them after a hard day at work. I was never a good cook to begin with, though I can whip a couple of Cantonese/Teochew/Shanghainese dishes taught by my mum. So this will be rather a challenge to me. I need to also ensure that they are healthy for the kids to enjoy. Plus, simple enough so they are quick to prepare and cook.

Happy & healthy kids + me
More visits to the library
We don't go to the library often enough, and this should definitely be done differently. What we do now is to gather all the library cards that we can have access to, and borrow heaps of books at one go. But at the rate that EV and AA devour them, we need to add more trips. It's good for me too, as I can borrow more books for myself and read more.

Be home by 5pm everyday 
Ok, this is going to be a tough one for a full-time working mother, but never say never. Where possible, if there are no meetings or additional activities, I need to be home by 5pm, so that I can devote time to do home learning with EV and AA. Or just playing games and being silly. They will not be 5 and 3 years forever.

Explore more themes
Our home learning has been rather ad hoc, basically simple subject-focused activities. It's time to up the notch. Last year, we tried a theme-based study on farms, and created a cardboard farm. The kids loved it. So this year, as the focus turns to themes, there needs to be a bit more planning and preparation. One theme I'm planning for this year is earth. After that, based on what they learn about earth, we can move on to something that the kids choose.

Disconnect to connect
I already avoid using mobile devices as much as possible when I'm with the kids, but I think I can do more. This means less checking of Facebook and Instagram when the kids are around. It also means even more opportunities to do fun and relaxing things as a family, like going to the seaside to watch the boats go by which we absolutely enjoy. More perfect days like this please!

Disconnect to connect

So there! My list of 15 in 2015. Looks like a lot, but I'm sure if I take teeny tiny steps, I'll get there. Jia you!

Do you have 15 things you want to do differently in 2015?

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  1. Those are great changes to achieve Winnie. Hope that they do make your life better this year :)


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