Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mummy, you cannot marry my daddy!!!

Ever had your kid declare that to you?

Mine did. Recently, EV has been preoccupied with our wedding photos. At first, it was simply 'mummy, princess!!' (which I absolutely love to hear), then it was 'mummy, why are you with daddy?', before the absolute 'mummy, you cannot marry daddy!'.

In my explanations to EV, I always tell her the same story, that mummy loves daddy, and daddy loves mummy, so we got married, and then we had her and AA. I knew she was trying to understand the concept of marriage. And perhaps, being a daddy's girl, she felt that daddy was exclusive to her and that no one else can love daddy. Perhaps she felt I was 'stealing' her daddy from her.

Whatever it was, she must have thought about it for a very very long time. One night in bed, she looked up at our photos, and began mumbling to herself... 'Mummy loves daddy, daddy loves mummy, mummy marry daddy, mummy marry daddy.... Mummy marry daddy???!!!!!???'. The last phrase was tinged with understanding and realisation. She then turned around to look at me, and said 'mummy I love you!'.

She now understands why DaddySay and I got married, and how we were blessed with her. Today, we heard a church bell ringing in the middle of the day. She asked about it, and I told her that it was the church's way of telling Jesus that a couple had gotten married, and to bless them with children. Just like how we were blessed with her and AA. After hearing it, EV gave me a big hug and said 'I love you mummy!'.

So really, kids may be kids, but they do spend time trying to figure out the real world. And when they do, as in this case, it's a very pleasant experience to see the spark of realisation in their eyes.

Now EV loves hearing about our love story, and often asks me to play the song that we played as I walked down the aisle on that wonderful day in February. 'The Prayer' is one of her favourite songs, a reminder of her parents' love for each other, and for her and AA.

Mummy cannot 1

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