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Fun For Free SG: East Coast Park

One of the places in Singapore that we like to go is East Coast Park, specifically the Big Splash. We usually go early in the day, reaching there by 9am, so we try to get the most of the morning sun. It is also a good time because it is relatively less crowded. Plus it's also free! Well, unless you drive and have to include the parking charges.

Big Splash holds special memories for me. I remember my parents bringing me there when I was just a toddler. It was one of our favourite swimming haunts. Especially exciting was the wave pool, where I grabbed my daddy tightly with every wave. The long slide was something that I watched older kids do, and aspired to do myself one day. And when I finally did it, it was a big achievement. I didn't like walking all the way up to the top though.

So in a way, I feel a pinch of sad nostalgic every time we visit. We now bring our two toddlers, just like how my parents brought me there. But now, the slide and wave pool are gone, and Big Splash is nothing more than a gathering of eating establishments, enrichment centres, and retail shops. The building which I hated climbing is still there though, and I can only help EV and AA imagine what it was like.

East Coast 1
East Coast 4
From Big Splash, it's just a very short walk to the beach. Along the way, one has to carefully cross the bicycle track and look out for cyclists or roller bladers, especially when with young kids.

Out at the beach, there are barbecue pits and shelters that can be used for putting bags, while the kids play on the sand. If there are unavailable, then just sit on the beach. It's advisable to bring a ground sheet or something similar. Depending on how long one plans to stay there, a picnic is also possible.

East Coast 2
East Coast 3
Morning sun is good, and it’s easy to seek comfort in the shade if necessary. Remember to bring buckets and spades and moulds for sand play. No fancy shaped moulds? A simple bowl or cup should do the trick. Besides that, the beach is a haven for other materials to whatever sand structure is being constructed, such as shells, sticks, and even seaweed.

East Coast 6
East Coast 8
Sometimes, it’s good to let the kids do something else other than just play sand. Just as taking a moment to enjoy the wind and reflect…

East Coast 5a
Or making footprints in the sand, as AA did here.

Or just telling mummy ‘See! A boat!!’

East Coast 5
There's also a fish pond nearby, and it's hard to pull the kids away from it.

East Coast 7
We usually stay there for an hour or so, and leave for an early lunch before the mighty noon sun comes up. It’s good for us too, because by that time, EV and AA are usually getting tired or hungry. Lunch would be one of the eating places there, or we just venture elsewhere.

East Coast Park is accessible by car, taxi or the following bus services:

Bus 401 (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays only)

Buses 16, 155, 196 (alight at Marine Crescent or Marine Terrace and walk across the underpasses)
Buses 16, 31, 36, 55, 76, 135, 155, 196, 197 and 853 (alight at Marine Parade Road, and cross the underpasses)


Who’s next? Joey from Joey Craftworkz is! Joey is a stay-at-home-mum with two lovely daughters (Big E and Small E). She enjoys sharing sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and integration of crafts into her children's life on her blog, and tomorrow, she will be sharing all about a playground somewhere in Sembawang.


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  1. I used to go to ECP so much with my family as a kid, and then with my friends when I was a teenager (my school was a short walk away). This beach holds so many memories for me! Thanks for sharing!


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