Friday, February 07, 2014

Our love adventure

Five years ago today, DaddySay and I made a lifelong promise and decision to start an adventure of a lifetime.

And boy, what an adventure it has been.

Barely four months into our marriage, I found that I was pregnant with EV. Then on the day of our first anniversary, I was in labour pain and delivered EV the next day.

It was a beautiful experience being first-time parents. Tiring though it was to juggle family and our work commitments, seeing EV at the end of each work day brought warmth to our hearts. It’s really true when they say that the moment one lays eyes on one’s child, all thoughts of tiredness and frustration go away. EV’s bright eyes and smile as she toddles towards us melts every ounce of negative feelings away. That is the power of a child.

Soon, AA came along to add more joy to our family. It was tough to look after two bundles of endless energy who are so close in age. Both demanded for our time and attention. At first, we had to constantly make sure that EV was not too rough on AA. Then as they grew up, we had to make sure they do not bite or pinch or hit each other and turn the house upside down. One minute, they can be the best of friends and another, a fight can begin. We had to be on our toes constantly, at home and at work. Our energy was zapped, completely to the point where sometimes, we don’t even want to talk. We just wanted to lie back and rest, or simply sleep. We have also been having really early bedtimes, usually falling asleep with the kids.

Our adventure in recent times has not been without its challenges. We can be more irritable at times, and our conversations tend to focus more on the kids and their needs, rather than on us. And it has been harder to find time out for our own couple time. We always have to ensure there is someone to babysit them, before we can make our own plans. That alone is not easy.

Despite these challenges, which I don’t foresee to end anytime soon, I feel very heartened that DaddySay and I do try to find love opportunities whenever we can. A little peck before we sleep. A touch of the hands in the morning when he drives me to work. Or even hugs in front of the kids to show them that Daddy and Mummy do not just love them, but we love each other. And of course, with a bit of planning, some time that we can call our very own.

Our adventure currently is a four-wheel-drive adventure, complete with kids in tow. It may be a little bumpy and rough, but it is filled with fun, play, love, hugs and kisses. The important thing is we are together as a family, and as a couple.

As a couple, most importantly. Without us, without the love that we have for each other, without making that promise and decision five years ago, our family would not be what it is today.

To my husband, friend, soulmate, partner in love.

Happy anniversary! I love you.


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  1. Absolutely sweet! Have a wonderful journey together and thanks for linking up! :)


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