Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Play Learning Tuesday: Chinese word ladder with washi tape

Think washi tape is just for crafts? Think again. These versatile tapes can be quite useful in home decorating, erm... home learning I mean.

In reality. I had run out of masking tape, and was thinking of an alternative instead of having to go to the shops, buy the masking tape, stick it on the floor and adding colour to it so it is visible against my white flooring. Such a hassle!!

Washi tape made it so much simpler, and then kids were attracted to the colours too, since they both love blue. They helped to stick the tape to the floor, practicing their finger motor skills in the process.

I also prepared some homemade cards using drawing board and some markers. I wrote the Chinese words that EV is currently learning. Then I placed the cards on the 'rungs' of the ladder. EV started from the first rung, read the word correctly and advanced to the next rung. This went on till she reached the top, then she started all over again.

Chinese word 1
For AA, I made cards for the first 5 letters of the alphabet. He's still learning, but he had a ball following his older sister around.

Chinese word 2
This activity gets the kids moving, hopping and jumping, and allows parents to infuse heaps of learning too. And since the washi tape is so pretty, we’ve decided to leave it on the floor and remove it at a later date. For now, the ladder demarcates the ‘stage’ where the kids will dance and put up their little performances.

Learning Points
a. Chinese character & word recognition
b. Letter learning & recognition
c. Learning words
d. Numbers & mathematical concepts

What play learning activities are you doing today?

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  1. Thanks Winnie for linking up! This is a great idea for learning through play and for keeping active kids meaningfully occupied.


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