Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: Pom-pom alphabet fun

What fun we had over the weekend! I have been extremely busy at work, and have been coming home rather late last week. Each time, E will not fail to say 'mummy, I love you so much!'. I missed her so much too. So I was really glad for the opportunity to spend time with her over the weekend. Just the two of us, doing the things we love - playing together!

EV was really excited for some alone-time with mummy, and so was I. I didn't have anything planned, and was really scratching my head trying to think of a meaningful, yet fun activity for her. Something that makes use of available materials at home, something that's a bit different from what we've done before, something that will get her laughing with glee. And then, my eye spied the bag of pom-poms in the cupboard.

Pom pom alphabet fun 1
This activity is extremely easy to do. Besides the pom-poms, which you can get at most craft shops, I also took out our pipe cleaner, letting EV choose her favourite colours (which have now expanded to black and red, besides blue). We have an alphabet mat in the living room, so I made use of that. What EV had to do was to place the pom-poms on the letters, in the direction that they are written. For the pipe cleaners, she bent them to fit the letters.

This is great for reinforcing letter recognition and formation.

To push this activity a little further, and to stretch her letter recognition, we started a game of 'Where's the letter?'. I called out a letter, and EV had to search for it, and throw pom-poms on it. Sometimes I would give the letter sound instead. One pom-pom became a rain of pom-poms. She was having so much fun.

Pom pom alphabet fun 2
This is definitely one activity that we can do again.

Do your kids love playing with pom-poms too?


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  1. Cute idea! I bet my son would like throwing the pom poms on the letters too!

  2. Hi I'm interested in those activities which involve pom pom balls but do you know where to get good solid ones? :) I find those from Spotlight and ArtFriend abit too filmsy

    1. Thanks for visiting! I do go to Spotlight and ArtFriend too. Perhaps you might like to try Daiso? I think they have pom pom balls sometimes too.


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