Thursday, August 15, 2013

An awesome 14-day 'fun in the sun' challenge with NIVEA

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As some of you may know, I embarked on the NIVEA Body Whitening Serum 14-Day Challenge not too long ago (Read about it here.) You might recall that I was extremely excited to start on this challenge, and was really looking forward to more hydrated and brighter skin.

So 14 days later, what has been my experience?

One word – awesome!

From day one, I have been applying the serum meticulously. In the morning before I head for work, during mid-day when I go for lunch, I make sure I give my arms and legs a quick rub before I step into the sun, so that they are well protected from the UV rays. Yups, I have one tube of this wonderful serum on my office table, just so it is within reach as and when I want to use it.

Nivea 2nd post 1
The serum was my trusty companion too when I headed to the pool. It protected me in more ways than one - it shields my skin from UV rays and keeps it hydrated from the drying effects of chlorine. Perfect yet affordable choice for a ‘water baby’ like me. 

Nivea 2nd post 2
The most important question on your minds is – was it effective? Did it do what it promised in 14 days?

Now, I would not declare that a miracle has happened, and the terrible pigmentation spots on my feet have disappeared. That would have been magic.

However, I can confidently say that the pigmentation in those areas have evened out, and my skin has become more hydrated and smooth. It looks and feels healthier!

Nivea 2nd post 3
Yay, I’m on the way to getting beautiful legs like my mum’s! Hmmm… if I get a tube of the serum for her, will her skin become even more beautiful than it is now?

Nah… I’ll keep to myself. It will be my little secret. Thanks NIVEA!

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Hurry! The campaign ends this Thursday, 15 August 2013.

Disclaimer: We received monetary compensation and products from NIVEA for this review. All opinions and images are my own, based on my authentic user experience.

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  1. Nivea is one of the best products that most mom bloggers would recommend :) Glad to find it on here too! All the more I am encouraged to use the product myself.


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