Monday, December 24, 2012

Treats for a yummy Christmas

Over the weekend, EV and I got a little greedy and whipped up three yummy treats for Christmas. I  had wanted to work with food items that can be easily found at home, and didn't require any cooking. So with a quick look around the kitchen, and a visit to the supermarket to get whatever I was missing, we created these treats. 

Here, you see all the ingredients that we used for the three treats: Ice cream cones, green icing sugar, pumpkin bread, carrot bread, spinach bread, cheese as well as sweets, dried fruits, biscuits and cereal stars for decorating.

Christmas Tree Sandwich

Layer the spinach bread and cheese to make a sandwich.

Cut out the sides, so that you get the shape of a Christmas tree. 

Decorate the tree with dried fruits, sweets, cereal or biscuits. EV used mostly cranberries, one of her favourite dried fruit snacks.

Christmas 'Star' Tree Tower

Using star-shaped moulds, EV cut out stars from the carrot and pumpkin bread. We used the mould set from Daiso, which comes in different sizes.

Stack the different sized stars into a tower, and the Christmas tree is complete.

EV also had so much fun toppling the tower down, before sinking her teeth into the tree.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree

Invert an ice cream cone and spread green icing sugar on it. I was in a lazy mood and used ready-made icing that can be bought from supermarkets. Green icing can also be easily made at home using icing sugar, water and green food colouring. Just make sure that not too much water is added otherwise the icing will become runny.

EV had a great time 'painting' the cones with icing, and licking it off her fingers and arm. How it managed to get on to her arm, I have no idea.

Decorating time! Once that is done, this sweet treat is ready. Share the love around, as one cone is enough to give you a sugar overdose.

I am so happy that EV had fun making these treats, and this mummy had fun snapping her cheeky smiles. We hope you will enjoy it too. :)

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