Sunday, December 30, 2012

A little holiday baking adventure

A special treat for EV this holidays: baking with her favourite aunt, my dearest sister J, otherwise known as the baker of the family. She baked a strawberry cake for EV earlier this year, and plans to do the same next year. Yums...

So, the little toddling baker accompanied J to Holland Village to get baking stuff. When they returned home, they got down to work.

Cinnamon Roll

First, the dough for the cinnamon roll. As J kneaded the dough, EV added flour and patted the dough and did her bit to knead it into a smooth consistency.

When the dough was set aside to rest, EV helped to make the cinnamon filling by pouring out the brown sugar and stirring the mixture.

Here, she is rolling out the dough into a 12x9 inch rectangle. She had lots of fun and kept poking her fingers into the soft dough, which J had to fix.

It was then time to spread the cinnamon mix on to the dough. J then rolled it up.

With her aunt's help, J's little helper cut the roll into twelve pieces. She oiled the baking tray for J to put the rolls in.

The cinnamon rolls ready to be popped into the oven.

Ta da! Hot, sweet cinnamon rolls! Yums!

Star-shaped Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Ganache
This was relatively easy compared to cinnamon rolls as J used a pack of sugar cookie mix. After adding softened butter, flour and an egg, and kneading it to a smooth consistency, the dough was ready for EV to work on.

EV hard at work with a star-shaped mould.

Sugar cookies ready to be baked.

Chocolate, glorious chocolate! EV adding chocolate ganache to the piping hot cookies, and licking it off the spoon when she is done.

Crunchy, mouth-watering sugar cookies.

Want a bite?

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  1. Those treats look really delicious! Makes me want to bake some myself.


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