Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby food connoisseur

My darling Becky is a tiny food connoisseur. She loves her brown rice gruel and her pork porridge, and loves licking watermelon, apple and longan, and looks longingly at our food when we eat. Yes, and she still loves her mummy’s milk.

We started little Becky on semi-solids a few weeks ago, when she turned 5 months. At first, I was worried that she will need some getting used to, but amazingly, she took to her brown rice gruel really well. Absolutely loves it! Sometimes during feeding, in fact, most of the time, we’re too slow for her, and she ends up with her mouth open as if to say ‘hurry up and bring that spoon of food to my mouth’. Just the other day, my mom took a cookie and waved it in front of Becky, just to see her reaction. Becky thought for a second, and then reached out her hand to grab the cookie. Well, in the end, my mom popped the cookie into her own mouth.

We also brought her swimming for the second time two weeks ago. This time, Becky was more daring. She allowed me to keep her afloat, with her head & shoulder supported by my chest… and she had a ball slapping the water with her hands and kicking her legs. Of course, it helped that Charles was at the edge of the pool, enticing her by slapping the water. After swimming and bathing, Becky was so tired, she knocked off to sleep straight away.

That same weekend, Becky went to the supermarket for the first time. This mummy here carried her throughout, while daddy went around getting the groceries. She slept half of the time. Haha.. tiring, but at least she wasn’t cranky or struggling.

Becky really loves water. She refuses to come out of her bathtub during bath time. Hope the rainy weather eases soon, so we can bring her swimming again.

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