Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Media Invite: Canon Christmas Party

Recently, we were invited to Canon’s new office at Galaxis at one-north for a food styling and photography Christmas party. We were brought on a tour of the one month old office, feasting our eyes on a shelf full of cameras from the past, and on the Canon Imaging Academy facilities.

Canon  old cams

Canon  academy

It is interesting to note that besides photo and video classes, the studio at the Canon office is also for rent for keen photographers, at $25 per hour - much cheaper than market rate, we hear.

Following this, we were brought to the really huge pantry for the event proper. Nugene Chiang, resident Canon photographer, brought us through the tips and tricks of food styling and photography. 

He focused on picture taking at buffets, and how to make buffet food look appetizing on camera. 

Canon  Nugene

The trick, he said, is to focus on one, or the most two, items on your overflowing plate of food, rather than the whole plate. Not enough lighting? Use your camera flash, but shine on the food from the side, he says. 

Even food at the buffet table can look good. Just focus on a small portion of the whole tray, making use of the garnishing or decorations that is already around the table to add additional elements to the photo.

Canon  buffet

Everyone had a chance to loan a camera for the night and I had my hands on the Powershot G3 X. First impressions? Folks after stylish form factor can move on as the boxy G3X doesn't have much of it. To me, it's for those slightly more advanced amateur photographers who want to dabble more into the capabilities of a camera.

Here are some of the photos I took. Not too bad eh?

Canon  scallop

Canon  fruits

Thanks to Canon for the invite.

Canon  Santa

Disclaimer:  We received a media invite to the Canon Christmas Party. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise indicated.


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