Monday, March 30, 2015

10 activities a big kid wants to do with her grandparents

Today and tomorrow, I bid farewell to 嫲嫲. The petite grand old dame on my paternal side is truly gone, and with her, every single one of my grandparents. The four of them must be in heaven now, having a game of mahjong, looking down from heaven and engaged in a happy discussion about their kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

Having waited for almost a month to say my final goodbye, I can't bear the thought of never seeing her again. Of never hearing her voice, of never holding her hand. I know I should be celebrating her life, for she lived till 89. I should be happy that she is finally with my paternal grandfather, after being apart for 27 years. But it's hard, it's painful. How do you say goodbye to someone who was such a tremendous influence on your life? Her big heartedness, her open mindedness, her understanding nature are all that I treasure dearly. Her willingness to accept you for who you are, no matter what religion or views you have, is something I've tried to emulate in my daily lives. 

I wished I was able to spend more time with her. That fact that we lived in different countries made that difficult, but that has not prevented us from forging a close bond. 

Similarly with my other grandparents, the bond with them was close. The love is undeniable. I still miss each and everyone of them today. 

As a grandchild whose grandparents have passed on, here are 10 activities I still really want to do with them.

See them hold EV and AA. Nothing is more heartwarming than to see a great-grandparent and a great grandchild together. Sadly, only my paternal grandmother managed to see them. If only my other grandparents, especially my maternal grandmother, had the opportunity to see them. They would adore the two kids so very much.

Cook with them. Or rather, disturb them in the kitchen, but still get away with it because, well, simply because I’m the grandchild.

Watch news with them. Comment about world affairs and learn from their wisdom.

Go travelling with them. Go to their hometown in China with them. A grandparent-grandchild holiday can create special memories.

Be cheeky and tease them. Well, because grandchildren have a special knack of doing that and giving grandparents endless joys.

Give them massages.

Hold their hands. I miss their wrinkled hands.

Have long heart-to-heart talks, about anything under the sun.

Laugh with them. Those goofy, toothless smiles sure make me smile.

Be a grandchild again, and hear them calling me by my nickname in Shanghainese and Teochew.

To my dearest 爷爷,嫲嫲, 公公,阿婆. Miss you. Love you. Always and forever.

And to 嫲嫲, the kids' 太婆婆. I will always remember that first bowl of porridge you cooked for me when I was six months old. Thank you for giving EV the nickname of 大家姐; she is indeed one. Thank you for letting me be me. I will always be that little girl who followed you around the kitchen. 安心上路吧! 

With grandparents


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  1. Sorry for ur lost, Winnie.
    I've lost all my grandparents too, at a tender age. But I still can recall bits and pieces of them. Please take care.


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