Friday, June 20, 2014

No World Cup fever in this home

Worldcup 1

World Cup fever exists not in the Say family home.

No, I'm serious. Other than being aware of the World Cup, and possibly some snippets of who's leading the charts (think it's Germany?) that we gather from social media updates by friends and news channels, we really have no idea of what's happening. Who's playing tonight? Or tomorrow? Or who's playing at all, for that fact. We are absolutely clueless.

You see. Both DaddySay and I have absolutely no interest in football (or do you call you soccer?). Never have, never will.

For me, I'm just perplexed by a group of grown men running after a ball, and the craze that people have about it. Yup, I don't understand it, and I won't try. But having said that, I'm perplexed by my own interest and support for ball games like tennis or volleyball too. Aren't they sports where people run after balls? Whether they are kicking it or hitting it? So I sound like I'm contradicting myself. Silly mummy.

However, though I do enjoy watching tennis, I am not crazily in love with it. The first and last time I stayed up to watch a tennis game late into the wee hours of the night was during my university days. I can't even remember who was playing against who. Never did something like that again. And I never would fly to Melbourne or London to watch the Australian Open or Wimbleton. So when I look at people who fly to Brazil, or watch late into the night or chat endlessly about the previous night's game, I can sort of understand. I think.

So perplexed me goes through this period hoping beyond hope that no one will try and ask me 'so which team do you support?' Or 'did you watch last night's game?' Seriously, if someone does ask, I'll be one blur duck, looking confusingly back at them. And when they find out I don't follow what must currently be the biggest game in the world, they will wonder which planet I'm from. Yup, so I'm a rare species. So?

This rare species is mighty happy that her better half is as rare as her too. Really, how many guys out there don't like football? Rarely, and DaddySay is one of them. No watching of football late into the night, no endless conversations with the kids about the various teams. Phew! I'm one lucky wife, in my opinion.

Though, I have to put up with wrestling and hours of WWE. Well, at least that's entertaining. Eh... I think. (Read: What? WWE Again??!!??)


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