Friday, June 06, 2014

Fun at the Canon PIXMA 'We Are Family' Craft Workshop

Workshop 7

We had a great start to our holidays, at the Canon PIXMA We Are Family craft workshop. We arrived just on time, and immediately, we could see how everyone was excitedly wirelessly printing out their photos at the numerous printer stations around the room. This mummy was of course excited, but EV was a little hesitant, as she took in the entire situation. She must be wondering, where did mummy bring me to this time?

The moment she spied the foam letters and numbers on a table, her fears disappeared. She made a beeline for that table, and started picking letters and numbers. I say picking, because she refused to pick letters to any words that I suggested, like love or family. She just wanted to randomly pick the letters and numbers. I let her be. As long as she’s having fun. Once, I even caught her alone at the table, having fun with the hole puncher, punching away.

Workshop 1

While spying her enjoying herself, I was busy printing my photos using the PIXMA Printing Solutions App and Wi-Fi connectivity. As I had already tried this at home with the Canon PIXMA MG6470 printer, I decided to try this with the no-button Canon PIXMA MG7170 printer. The folks at Canon had made the process extremely easy, and all participants had to do was to wirelessly connect to the printer of their choice. I was able to quickly print the photos in my phone.

Workshop 2

The workshop itself started soon, with the on-stage teaching of the craft of the day – a door greeter. As the two presenters were going through the instructions, which are also shown on the screens, it was helpful to have Canon folks around to assist and answer any queries we may have if we didn’t quite catch the instructions.

Workshop 3

Slowly and steadily, we finished our craft. I let EV decide how she’d like the frame to be, from the choosing of the photo, to the embellishments she wanted to put on the frame itself. She decided to use a photo of herself taking a bite, which I had snapped just before the event. In true EV manner, she stuck the foam letters and numbers randomly on the frame. She also took a liking to a green marker, and used it to add some decoratives to the frame.

Workshop 4

After a short break, we returned to the workshop again to work on a  family diorama, where we were to use a family photo, and add some embellishments to it. Once done, we were supposed to add our diorama to another bigger diorama, made up of all the dioramas of all the families participating in the workshop. However, EV being EV, she wanted to do the diorama in her own way. She also refused to take part in the group photo taking at the end, preferring to play with the musical note hole puncher. Here’s her version of her diorama.

Workshop 8

Because AA couldn’t join us, we decided to do the door greeter craft at home too, so that the baby of the family can also enjoy doing it. I cut out the frame, and used washi tapes to wrap the frame, both front and back.

Workshop 5

Then using embellishments that can be downloaded from Canon Creative Park and felt stickers, AA (with lots of help from mummy and EV, while DaddySay snapped away) created his own door greeter! Because family is all about sharing and doing things together. Because family matters.

Workshop 6

I’m really glad to have had this opportunity to participate in this project with Canon PIXMA. Printing photos is now even more convenient for me. Like the other day, AA’s play group needed a family photo. All I did was to quickly print it using the Canon PIXMA MG6470 the night before, and put it in his bag. No more going down to the photo shop to do so. I also like the fact that I can print photos taken with my phone directly to the printer. Definitely saves a lot of time for me, almost instantaneous. Thank you Canon PIXMA!!

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Disclaimer: We were provided with a Canon PIXMA MG6470 printer as part of the Canon PIXMA 'We Are Family' project. No monetary compensation was received. All craft ideas, opinions and images are my own.


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