Monday, August 13, 2012

The case of the dropping hair

Yikes! Strands of hair fall again as I comb through my wet, freshly washed mane. Read: MANY strands of hair.

One of woman's greatest fear: the gradual loss of her crowning glory. The other fear? Revealing her age. Ask her anything related to it and risk incurring her wrath. So tread at your own risk. But I digress.

So yes, my dropping hair. No, it's not because of age. I have not reached that stage yet. Yup, I'm one of the unique few who can be quite one about my age, when I feel like it (Another of a woman's privilege: a bearer of deep emotions). In this instance, I will only revel this much. Tread any further and a roaring mummy will emerge. ROAR....

Back to the case. Dropping hair I see? Mostly when I comb after washing my hair, or in the morning after waking up I see? Other times, it just drops randomly, strand by strand, bit by bit? Interesting...

It is a case solved long ago, from the day I started breastfeeding Ron Ron. It happened with Becky, it's happening again. Sigh... oh... my hair, my beautiful hair!

Every day, I sigh with resigned acceptance as I see the hair in the dustbin and all over the floor. Even Becky says 'So many mummy's hair on the floor!' (Me: Darling, it's 'so much', not 'so many'. Becky: 1 hair, 2 hair.....)

But I take comfort in the fact that I am providing Ron Ron with the best nutrition I can give. I persisted with Becky for more than a year, and I'm determined to do that for Ron Ron. No matter how tiring or time consuming it is. No matter how many strands of hair I lose. I will just chop my tresses if I have to.

Ok, I spy more hair on the floor. Excuse me while I go sweep them up.

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