Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our first family trip

In two weeks’ time, we will be taking our first family holiday to Hong Kong and EV will be meeting her great grandmother for the first time. EV will turn nine months when we’re there and the task of preparing her for the trip is still a mammoth one, if not daunting.

As early as two months ago, I started preparing for EV’s first overseas trip. Yes, it is rather early, but I would rather be prepared than scramble at the last minute. As it would be rather cold in Hong Kong, I needed to get enough clothing to keep EV warm, even though I know she would like the ‘natural aircon’. Definitely don’t want her to get a chill. Fortunately, relatives from Shanghai and Melbourne had bought her some thicker clothes and a jacket that would be suitable for her at nine months, and our neighbour had also passed us some preloved clothes. We just needed to buy some long pants from Mothercare.

I’ve also put together a running list of things to pack, and adding on to it as I think of them. Currently, my list contains the following:
1.       Clothes - at least one set per day, two or three sets on standby. Include socks and shoes
2.       Diapers - one full pack, diaper rash cream, wipes, tissue. If I need extra, I’ll just buy there
3.       Bottles - three sets, with sterilising pills and plastic bags for sterilizing
4.       Baby cereal – 1 full can
5.       Bottled food - Four Heinz bottles, enough for the first two days. The rest, we intend to buy as we needed them in Hong Kong
6.       Toys - about four to six different toys and books. Some of them will have to accompany us on board the plane to keep her occupied
7.       Breast pump and bottles
8.       Feeding necessities – spoon, lunch box, bib
9.       Bathing necessities - shampoo, body wash, comb, towel
10.    Water bottle
11.    Tidbits – Heinz Teething Rusks, Gerber Graduates Fruit Puffs
12.    Pupsik Studio Baby Pouch Sling
13.    Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover – this can also double up as a blanket
14.    First aid kit – prescription medicine in case EV catches a chill, bandages, antiseptic lotion. All to be packed in resealable plastic bags to prevent leaks
15.    Plastic bags – for temporary storage of messy items like dirty diapers and clothes

Yups.. that’s a long list. And it doesn’t include my own stuff! I’ll think about that a few days before we fly off. In the meantime, I wonder if I forgot anything?

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