Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DIY Teacher's Day Gift in 1-2-3 steps

Teacher’s Day is just two days away. Having been extremely busy these past several weeks, it completely slipped my mind till last week. With just one week left, what simple and quick-to-do gifts can the kids and I make for their teachers? 

I made a trip to Art Friend for some ideas. There, I found a wide range of wooden shapes, ranging from $0.40 to $1.40 each. Finally, I decided on making wooden flowers as Teacher’s Day gifts. 

Here are the materials needed:
- Wooden flower shapes ($1.40 each)
- Thick ice cream sticks
- Paint, various colours of your choice
- 3M Scotch decorative tapes
- Embellishments, various, such as pom poms, felt and so on
- Glue

Here’s how to make these wooden flowers:
1. Wrap the ice cream sticks with the 3M Scotch decorative tapes of various designs. Alternatively, use washi tape. Basically, any decorative tape will do.
2. Paint the wooden flower shapes in various colours. The petals can be one colour, and the raised middle part another. Glue the ice cream sticks to the back of the flower shapes.
3. Decorate the painted flowers with a variety of embellishments - pom poms of different sizes, felt, foam and so on. Short messages and kids' names can be written at the back of the flowers.

Just three simple steps, and in about two days, the gifts were ready for EV and AA to bring to their teachers. If you’re still cracking your head thinking of an easy peasy gift, perhaps you may want to try these wooden flowers out. You may also like to check out this other gift we made previously. Have fun!

Do you have any ideas for Teacher's Day gifts? Do share with us!


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