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Review + Giveaway: It's My Bag sling bags & backpacks

As you know, this June holidays held much excitement for me as I could finally go on adventures with EV and AA. It was exciting for them too - finally out of the house to visit museums and play to their hearts’ content! 

To add to the excitement, thanks to local brand It's My Bag, the two kids got two new bags - a sling bag and backpack - each to carry along on their different adventures, to put their water bottles, sweaters and what nots. 

These bags are not only colourful and eye catching, they are personalised too. Which makes perfect sense especially when they accidentally misplace their bags. The bright colours also make it easy for me to keep an eye on them.

But what strikes me is the functionality of the bags. 

Heli Sling Bags

Playdate 1

For shorter adventures, like a quick trip to the park, indoor playground, supermarket or a playdate, the kids carried the helicopter sling bags. Measuring 23cm x 24cm x 6cm, which is a good size for young kids, the casual sling bag has an easy-to-lift velcro flap and a zippered compartment. Its adjustable strap makes it easy to fit the bag to EV and AA, though AA may be a little clumsier with the bag at times. The single compartment is of just the right size to keep a water bottle, a jacket, a pack of wet tissues, and even a few diapers for AA. And if the kids (read: AA) are tired, then it’s also easy for adults to carry the bags if necessary. Indeed, AA does get lazy at times and refuses to carry his bag. However, the moment he sees his older sister carry hers, he insists on doing so, and even proudly spells out his name on the bag. It’s great to have an older sister to set a good example.

Gardens 1

Woodland Backpack
I love the colours of this backpack. The purple and pink hues are right for EV’s current colour preference. Made of soft, water resistant nylon, this backpack may look small, but is actually quite the gem, with its roomy main compartment, bottom compartment and a front pocket. So far, we’ve only used the main compartment, and already, we can comfortably put in a water bottle, a jacket, a cap, a raincoat and a small lunchbox. The bottom compartment, front pocket and side mesh pockets provide more precious space for things like dirty clothing, toys and tissue paper packs. 

Personally, I don’t really like to put water bottles in side mesh pockets, as I find that sometimes, that causes the bag to become lopsided when EV or AA is carrying it. But I find that they’re great for putting tissue paper packs. With so many pockets, one would think that this backpack is rather bulky. Fortunately, it is not, measuring 25cm x 31cm x 10cm (excluding the front pocket). EV has really fallen in love with it. The moment I take it out, she instinctively knows that it’s going to be a long, exciting day out.


Robot Backpack
For little AA, he pretended to be a robot the moment he saw this bag, making you realise that this bag is quite a good fit with this cheeky boy. Like the Sling Bag and the Woodland Backpack, this backpack’s main compartment is extremely roomy, and can store more than just a water bottle and some extra clothes. On our long days out, we were able to fit in a water bottle, a pack of wet tissues, some extra diapers and clothes, a jacket and even some diaper trash bags. This considering that there are no extra compartments, except for the side mesh pocket. Almost the same size as the Woodland Backpack, at 24cm x 30cm x 12cm, this Robot Backpack’s interior is fully lined, and has a plastic slot at the back for inserting AA’s name. Again, lazy AA doesn’t always want to carry his bag, as he prefers to run around freely, and the hoop at the top makes it easy for parents to carry. But again, seeing EV carrying her own backpack transforms him and he becomes eager to imitate her.

Gardens 2

Like I mentioned before, what I like about these It's My Bag bags are their functionality, and cute designs that appeal to kids. Founder Elaine says that each bag is designed to be fun and practical at the same time. I must say that from what I've seen so far, based on how EV and AAa have been using their bags, the bags are indeed fun and practical. It's also comforting to know that Elaine tests the bags on her two children before launching each bag.

Heli Sling Bags - S$34 (blue or purple)
Woodland Backpack - S$52 (purple-fuchsia, pink-green, berry-lavender, and black-turquoise)
Robot Backpack - S$42 (navy or red)

It's My Bag has kindly sponsored TWO bags for TWO winners. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Most are optional, but they do give you more chances to win. Good luck!

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Disclaimer:  We received two sling bags and two backpacks for the purpose of this review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise indicated.


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    Lyn Teo

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  4. I like the Heli Sling bag. Good for the kids' excursions with their classmates.


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    Ting Ting

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    Kai Lim

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