Thursday, April 03, 2014

Book Box Thursday: Wild Alphabet Pop-Up Book

Recently, I found this really good book that I am extremely eager to share, because it is just so fun!

It's Wild Alphabet Pop-Up book which I bought from The Groovy Giraffe, an online bookstore where overprint and overstock books are priced at up to 85% off. It's not expensive, just $18.90 after discount (usual price $25.14). When I saw it on the site and viewed the preview pictures, I thought: interesting, a pop-up book of animals from A to Z, with an accompanying description for each too. Must check it out.

So I ordered it, and had it delivered. I didn't expect it to arrive so early, since the order was made on a Friday. But viola, I got the book on Saturday after a tired day at the grandparents'. Big pleasant surprise. Bigger surprise when I opened it. I had thought the book might be bigger, since it had all the pop-up stuff. I had no idea how I got that idea. However, the book is about the size of a CD case, though much thicker. Nice size to fit into the kids' day bag when we are on our adventures.

Wild Alphabet 1

As you can see, our animal figurines couldn't resist checking it out either.

And it's no wonder. The animals inside this book gives a good overview of wild animals, both small and large. Think of wild animals the likes of a chinchilla, a jaguar, a koala and even a dinosaur. Wild animals both gentle and fierce are included, so little minds have an A to Z idea of what wild animals live in our world.

Wild Alphabet 6

Wild Alphabet 5

The good thing about this book is the description that accompanies each animal. It gives information such as the appearance, behaviours and other characteristics. And for some, it even give little tidbits about the animals's living habitats. These little nuggets of information are wonderful in triggering the curiosity of little kids, and opens the doors for further discussion and exploration of the animals. The fonts are also creatively used to add variety to the description.

What really rocks is the pop-ups. Like this one of a mosquito. See how it pops out of the page.

Wild Alphabet 2

Check out this pop-up of a tiger too. It doesn't pop out of the page like the mosquito, but I like how the cut-outs and the colours of black and orange work together to reveal a fearsome picture of a tiger's head. 

Wild Alphabet 3

How about this pop-up of a xantus bird? Cool, isn't it?

Wild Alphabet 4

There are more examples of such innovative pop-ups. Therein comes another worry. The pop-ups can be a little fragile, so little hands will have to handle the book with care. Good opportunity for adults to educate them about caring for a book, though. Wild Alphabet engaged and amused EV and AA, myself included. We talked about the animals, we talked about the words. They even asked how the pop-ups work. It definitely made for a great conversation starter. Highly recommended for its entertaining and educational factor.

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In the meantime, do share with us other pop-up books you've read. Why do you like them?

Disclaimer: We received a $20 voucher for the purchase of Wild Alphabet Pop-Up Book for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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  1. Wow..Looks Really Interesting & will hold the little one attention for a while...


    1. Hi Ashmika.. Thanks for popping by. It's a fun book, and definitely got my kids' attention. I think your kid will be entranced by it too. Just have to keep an eye, as the pop-ups are quite easy to tear. :)

  2. we have this for some time too...but unfortunately my daughter don't quite take to it. :(


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