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Review + Giveaway: Kidz Literacy Cove

As some of you may know, I use Jolly Phonics at home to teach my kids. And while attending the workshops, I had already heard of Kidz Literacy Cove. It was set up by a young lady Sarah Toh, who was formerly a preschool teacher before deciding to strike out on her own. During my interactions with her, I found that she is a very warm and approachable person, and it was clear that she loves kids. It's not easy to be an entrepreneur and I salute her for taking the big step. She also recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

She invited us for a trial lesson at Kidz Literacy Cove last year, and I was glad to get a first hand experience of how Jolly Phonics is used in an enrichment centre environment. There really is just so many things one can do to transform a simple room into a conducive learning environment. And in this area, there's lots to learn from Kidz Literacy Cove.

Kidz Literacy 1

Nestled in a cosy corner near Serangoon Gardens, Kidz Literacy Cove is a non-descript enrichment centre with a simple white wall facade. While some might be shocked by its simplicity, really, don't judge a book by its cover. What's important is the learning environment inside and the people who deliver the content. In these areas, I think Kidz Literacy Cove has more than fulfilled.

Kidz Literacy 6

Beyond the reception area, where there is a line of chairs for parents to sit and mingle while waiting for their kids, Kidz Literary Cove has two lesson rooms. Our trial occurred in the bigger room. Understandably, EV was a little wary of the new environment, but it didn't take long for her to warm up to Sarah, who was visibly pregnant at that time. Perhaps Sarah reminded EV of the time her own mummy was pregnant with her little brother, she was unbelievably sweet and courteous to Sarah.

The trial lesson was conducted by one of Sarah's teachers. The sound of the day was 'x', and several words with this letter was introduced to EV. What I like about this part of the lesson is the location it was conducted, while sitting on a big alphabet carpet, in front of an easel. I think the carpet is just so apt and if the teacher needed to make quick reference to other letters, she can point to the carpet too, rather than just write them in the easel. It's something more tangible so that kids can really 'touch and feel' the letters.

Kidz Literacy 2

Kidz Literacy 5

At the corner of the room is a nice cosy story telling area, where the next part of the lesson was held. Besides telling the story, the teacher also engaged in a conversation to ask EV about the story, to gauge her understanding of it, and the words inside it. This was followed by some table activities where EV did art and crafts and some writing. She had fun pasting the cotton wool on the clouds.

Kidz Literacy 4

One of the key things I like about Kidz Literacy Cove is the colourful and insightful alphabet related pin ups on the wall. A fraction of it is related to Jolly Phonics, obviously, like the sound freize and the hat of tricky words. Other wall installations like the word tree are helpful in inspiring the children and in creating a conducive learning environment. I also like the way kids' work is hung up, using a clothes peg hanger. So innovative!

Kidz Literacy 3

Here's your chance to win one of five trial classes which Kidz Literacy Cove has so kindly sponsored. Just follow the instructions below. Good luck!

Terms and conditions:
- Entries that do not fulfill the requirements stated will be disqualified without notice.
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Disclaimer: Kidz Literacy Cove sponsored a trial session for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions  and images are my own.


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  1. I just got Jolly Phonics books for my boys. Would love to see how the professionals teach them and let my boy try their lesson.

  2. I like that it's not all seat work and they seem to use a variety of activities which appeals to toddlers!

  3. I have heard much good reviews about jolly phonics. Would like to see how it is taught by trained teachers.

  4. Location is good, near our home. The environment seems very cosy too, friendly and non-intimidating for kids.

  5. I like it as they engage the kids with different task / stories in reinforcing a certain alphabet that they are learning

  6. i am hopeless wiht phonics, hope to know more about jolly phonics


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