Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Play Learning Tuesday: Learning fun with washi tapes

We don't seem to tire of washi tapes, decorative tapes. Basically anything that allows us to peel, cut and stick. 

Like I mentioned in this post, the kids have been crazy about tapes, and it has allowed me to witness first hand how freedom to create can bring out an amazing independence in them. 

So why not try it for learning? And instead of trusty paper, we decided to use the door as our canvas.

Washi learning 1
What sort of learning? Anything! Alphabets, numbers, Chinese, English. That's the beauty and flexibility of tapes. Plus, it adds a whole lot of fun!

Washi learning 2
So here is EV making T, then adding another horizontal strip of tape to make I.

Washi learning 3
Then she stuck three horizontal lines, one on top of the other to make 一 (one),二 (two) and 三 (three), reading after she made the respective characters. Simple ones just for starters to build her confidence and familiarity of the strokes. This method is so much more engaging than just rote writing.

Learning Points
a. Alphabet recognition & formation
b. Chinese character recognition & formation
c. Numbers
d. Shapes


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  1. Hi Winnie

    That's an easy way to teach writing, especially Mandarin. :)


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