Sunday, February 24, 2013

CNY Play Dough Play

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year, and we did something special to mark this special end to a special festive period. 

We made play dough pineapple tarts!

They are super easy to make. You just need some homemade orange-coloured and gingerbread play dough. Here's how I made mine, using a recipe that I've tried-and-tested numerous times to get the play dough to just the consistency that I like. 

Half cup flour
Quarter cup salt
1 tsp cream of tartar 
Half cup water
Half tbsp oil
For the orange dough, use 1 tsp of orange colouring
For the gingerbread dough, mix in either cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder or both.

To make the dough, I put the all the ingredients together in a pot and cooked it over medium heat, stirring it continuously until the dough thickened into a thick blob. Here's a picture of EV helping me during one of our previous play dough making sessions.

Then I put the dough on to a clean surface and kneaded it till smooth. For the orange dough, I put in the colouring into the pot before cooking, while for the gingerbread dough, I put cinnamon powder while I was smoothing the dough.

Now, to make the pineapple tarts, that was the fun and easy part that EV liked. 

The gingerbread dough was used for the tart base, while the orange dough was used for the pineapple.

And hey presto... yummy pineapple tarts to 'eat'!

EV was in quite a 'happy birthday' mood too, as we had celebrated a couple of birthdays this month. So she made a blue 'birthday cake', using straws as candles.

Great and creative play dough fun on a sunny afternoon.

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