Thursday, October 27, 2011

EV is having a little brother!

After EV was born, darling hubby and I knew we wanted a second child. We decided to let nature take its course and not stress ourselves out. With both of us so preoccupied with work and EV, we were pleasantly surprised to find out in July that I was pregnant. Everyone was obviously happy for us. At the same time, when we did a financial forecast for the new baby, we were shocked to realise just how expensive it was to raise kids in Singapore. We knew it somewhat, but the coming of the second kid cemented that knowledge. Still, we were determined to provide our kids the best we could, and at the same time, strike a balance with our financial capability. Because really, kids are a blessing and EV is our pride and joy. So will our new baby.

So now I’m five months pregnant and just went for the gender scan. Little EV is going to have a little brother! Everyone were extremely thrilled. Especially hubby and myself. Now we have done our ‘duty’ and can stop at two!

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