Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Sophie the Giraffe

The power of the Internet as a tool to influence purchase decisions is not a force to be reckoned with. I must confess: I recently fell victim to it. Photos of ‘endorsements’ by celebrity moms or babies holding on to it, and feedback from mothers who swear by it, were coercing me, convincing me that yes, I must let my darling EV enjoy the wonderful benefits that it brings. My EV must enjoy what these celebrity babies are enjoying – a privileged teether by the name of Sophie the Giraffe.
And why shouldn’t she enjoy a teether made of 100% natural rubber and food paint? And because it has a name, it is easy for EV to establish an emotional connection: ‘EV, do you want to play with Sophie? How about a kiss from Sophie?’ Definitely, this can’t be done with her other ‘hand-shaped’ teether. And it comes from a land of well-established international brands too - France!
But hey, I’m not the true teether connoisseur; EV is. There’s her verdict of Sophie the Giraffe, as interpreted by me.
a) Effectiveness
Sophie’s long legs reach into EV’s mouth to give her sore back gums a good massage. She loves the squeaky sound it makes too, and enjoys having Sophie kiss her on the cheek. Its long neck and legs make it easy for EV to hold with her small hands.
b) Wash
Easily washable with water. No detergent is required.
c) My ultimate rave
Soft with numerous chewable parts such as ears, horns and legs – easy for EV to chew on.
d) My ultimate rant
EV’s mouth smells of rubber after a chewing session with Sophie. This could be due to the natural rubber scent. Sophie is also vulnerable to black dirt marks, which are hard to wash off, even when using baby-safe detergent. 

e) Overall value (3.5/5)

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