Monday, August 16, 2010

A musical investment

Ever since I was pregnant with EV, hubby and I both agreed that one of the best things we can do as parents is to create an environment where EV would be inspired to learn a worthwhile hobby. By worthwhile, we mean one that not only lets her enjoy and relax, but also enables her to be equipped with a skill in her adult years. And it was not just a case of exposing her to Mozart while in my tummy, or just bringing her to lessons in her early years. It is really about immersing her in an environment from the beginning, where she is exposed and inspired from day one. To do that, we as parents need to set an example.
Both of us agreed unanimously that that hobby would be to play the piano or violin. And as I used to play the piano, it would be easy for us to create that learning atmosphere for her. It was also the perfect reason for me to pick up piano again. I hope that by doing, I am a living example for EV to be inspired to learn, and to do so with determination. 
True, piano lessons are not cheap. Neither is buying a piano. But we prefer to think of it as a long time investment to equip EV with a skill she can rely on later in life. I personally also like to think of it as enrichment for myself, as well as a form of relaxation on days of stress. We have only had the piano for a couple of days, but already, we can see that EV enjoys it. Just looking at our little Mozart banging her fingers on the keys is enough to tell us that our investment has been worthwhile.

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