Sunday, May 02, 2010

Brand new look

With the birth of my darling Elizabeth almost 3 months ago, me thinks it’s time for a change to the way this blog looks, if not to welcome this new life challenge. The past few months have been quite hectic, if not tiring, yet, strangely, it’s fun at the same time. They say that a baby can have several moods in a single day. How true it is. She can be cranky one minute, grumpy the next, screaming another minute, and then giggle at something that you don’t understand at all. Yes, motherhood is a whole new world of guesswork, more complicated than charades. Too complicated to even put into words, so I guess ‘fun’ and ‘tiring’ will have to do.

Yups.. I really do need sleep right now. Been awake since 4.30am giving her the pacifier and trying to keep her thumb out of her mouth.

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