Monday, July 02, 2018

Back again...


It's been a year since I last blogged. Well, besides some ups and downs in my life ever since, I must admit that as a wife, mother, daughter, teacher to my kids, and many other roles that often give me mental fatigue, I do feel tired very easily. Imagine 5am mornings... and by the time I put my kids to bed at 9pm, I am exhausted. Dead tired. So yeah, you can imagine that I don't really have any ounce of energy left for writing, editing photos or even adjusting the layout of the post, all of which takes hours.

But... I'm back. I still have 5am mornings. I still have many roles, and many things that I want to do for myself and with the kids, but I'm determined and inspired to manage myself even better, so that I can achieve even more. I think I've hibernated enough already. Time to get up and moving... hahaha...

So, some quick highlights of my past year. There was a death in the family. That's never easy for anyone, and I suppose that affected me more than I thought it would. It still does, tears still fall when I think about it, but well... life goes on, and I treasure those around me even more.

Last year in June, I went on a mother-daughter holiday with my mum to Hong Kong and 四国(Shikoku), Japan. It was a great time bonding with her, something that I had less time to do since the kids came along. We ate, shopped, went sight seeing and then did all that all over again. The important thing is, we talked and hugged and held hands... things we had not done for a long time. Here's a photo of us in 高松 Takamatsu.

Then this year, we went to Hong Kong together again, and to 北海道 (Hokkaido), for another wonderful mother-daughter trip. It was a good time to be away together, and mum's long awaited wish to go to 北海道, Hokkaido was fulfilled. Here's one of us taken at 小樽運河 (Otaru Unga), 小樽 (Otaru), which is known for glassworks, music boxes and sake distilleries.

So moving forward, what can you expect from me? More sharing of my primary school journey definitely, especially with my younger one going into primary 1 next year (oh no... no more pre-schoolers!). 

And definitely, more sharing about how I'm taking better care of myself. I think that's important for any mummy, even when we devote ourselves to our families.

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