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Review: Tee-Pee-To kids swim wear

Which kid doesn't love swimming? The Say family kids are absolutely water babies. I like to think that they take after their mummy. EV first got into a pool when she was 4 months old, and AA did so too when he was about the same age.

Nope, I didn't bring them to those places with the bath tubs. I felt it was a waste of money. As long as the kid's chin is kept above water using the neck float, with an adult on strict supervision, any place with water will do.

How about chlorine? Well, as long as the baby is not in the water for too long, it's ok. I mean, my dad threw me in the water when I was about my kids' age, I've grown up perfectly fine.

One thing that I really believe in guarding against is UV rays from the sun. Having worked with beauty clients and knowing the effects of UV rays on skin, I know that protective against it is extremely important. Without protection, UV rays can trigger the production of melanin and cause pigmentation and discolouring of the skin in the long term. So while I want my kids to be active in the great outdoors, I also want to educate them about protecting themselves against these rays. And starting young is the key, I think.

As parents, we can apply sun block with UV rays on our kids, and eventually teach them how to do it themselves, and why they should do it.

But imagine wearing clothes that have built-in certified UV protection (UVP) of 50+ and above. Swimming costumes to be exact. Wouldn't that just be awesome!!!

TeePeeTo 3

That's what the swimming costumes from Tee-Pee-To have. The built-in UV protection has gone through stringent testing and certification by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’s (ARPANSA). Now we know what a sunny place Australia is, with summers hitting a high of over 40 degrees. UV rays there are also awfully strong, so it's no wonder that having adequate UV protection is a serious matter there. As such, it goes without saying that a certification from an authority that specializes in ensuring products truly have UV protection is no laughing matter. The local creators of Tee-Pee-To are serious about it, and they make sure their swimming costumes have it.

And to a parent like me, I'm comforted by the fact that Tee-Pee-To actually bothered to get their products tested, rather than just say it. This tells me that they are serious about ensuring kids here have adequate UV protection, and hence, I can trust my kids to wear their swimming costumes.

I mean, I am always concerned about applying sun block with UV protection to their exposed skin. True, skin under swimming costumes have less chance of being exposed to UV, but that doesn't mean it doesn't. After all, how can I assume that UV rays won't penetrate the costumes?

So with Tee-Pee-To's UV-certified swimming costumes, I'm absolutely assured that not a single UV ray will penetrate between the fibres. EV and AA are absolutely protected.

TeePeeTo 1

TeePeeTo 2

Here are EV and AA are in their Tee-Pee-To costumes, making a fool of themselves, happily looking forward to a swim. We chose a thinner costume for EV and a thicker costume for AA, since AA tends to get cold easily. For EV, she's her usual happy self when she knows she's going swimming, but I also think she's especially proud of her new shocking pink costume.

Swimming 1

For AA, he seems to be having lots more fun, because the costume kept him warm. He was so comfortable that he climbed on to the ledge, and jumped back into the pool, all by himself, with mummy watching him closely. He was definitely happier than usual, and he's definitely more daring than his sister.

For me. I'm just happy to see them both so ecstatic. Watching them, I am assured that they have complete UV protection, from head to toe.

Swimming 2
Tee-Pee-To's range of kids swim wear.

Disclaimer: EV and AA were provided with a set of swim wear each by Tee-Pee-To, for the purpose of this review. All opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise stated.


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